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Frequently Asked Questions

Edge is a platform that allows you to take smaller courses to improve on specific skills. These classes are smaller than a conventional university-level courses and allow you to work at your own pace without the direct oversight of a teacher. Edge also serves the purpose of hosting training courses and courses used in conjunction with select university-level courses. See questions below for deeper explanations.
A badge is earned when you complete certain courses purchased through Edge. They certify that you have learned the material and have gained the skills that the class offers. They are officially recognized and supported by Southern Adventist University.
You can access the courses you purchase by going to the My Courses page and clicking on the desired course card.
If you are using Edge to do employee training or are using it in conjunction with a university-level course, you likely don't need to pay for for access to the courses. In these cases, ask your employer or teacher for a password for the course. The course(s) you need will likely be free and password protected.
You can see your badges on eClass. You must click on your profile icon in the top right corner and click on "Profile". You can download these badges and import them into whichever badge backpack you use.

Edge Support

Edge is maintained by the Online Campus department. Feel free to reach out to us if you encounter any issues or have any concerns.